BI internship: Finance and Marketing in Orkla Confectionery and Snacks (OCSN)

Hello everyone! We are Marie and Henrik and we are BI interns at Orkla Confectionary and snacks (OCSN). Henrik is majoring in Business Finance while Marie majoring in Strategic Marketing Management. Since we are studying different subjects, we work in different departments. In other words, in this blogpost you will get to know how it is to work as an intern at OCSN from two different perspectives. Let`s start with Henrik.


I am situated in the corporate finance department of OCSN. My tasks vary greatly, but most of the work is related to business controlling. This means that I am helping out with everything from providing relevant numbers for the CFO to creating Excel models for other departments. Although I really enjoy numbers and working with spreadsheets, it is sometimes nice that the work is so much more than that! The first week I was lucky enough to be included in a product launch meeting (looking forward to seeing those products in stores), and there are several non-work related activities around within the company, such as in-office light strength training and a running group. I really feel like I am contributing to the department and the company, and that the tasks given to me has value in the big picture. Over to Marie!


I have been allowed to be a part of the marketing team at OCSN, where my work is mainly focused on chocolate tablets. My supervisor has entrusted me with my own project this internship period, where I gather insight and conduct my own consumer research. Also, through smaller projects I have been challenged to be creative and come up with new solutions for in-store promotions, packaging and campaigns (exited to see if any of my ideas will be used in the future). I feel very included by the marketing team at OCSN, as I have been allowed to attend meetings, workshops and small coffee breaks in the social area. In short, my weeks here at Orkla has really gotten me exited for the future, and I am looking forward to working full time as a marketer when I am done with my degree.


All in all we have had a great experience so far. The work has been challenging, yet rewarding. Rethinking how things are done compared to studying and getting to know all the systems and routines almost seemed overwhelming at first. Luckily we have supervisors who follow up closely, and the work is facilitated such that it matches our capability. We feel welcomed into the work environment and it certainly does not hurt that we have access to free candy and snacks!

BI internship: HR in Orkla Home & Personal Care (OHPC)

Hi bloggers!

We are two master students from BI working in Orkla Home & Personal Care (OHPC) within the HR function. Our names are Angelica and Anniken, and we are studying leadership and organizational psychology and leadership and change on our last year.  Half way through our internship program we have gained new experiences and knowledge that we could not have obtained in school.

The past three weeks has not only been about learning about the huge product portfolio that OHPC have for making ourselves, our clothes and our homes clean – we have also had the opportunity to look into the harmonization of products, strategic meetings, onboarding program, recruitment movie project, wage settlements, GDPR, and more. No day has been the same, and this has definitively not been a typical “coffee run” internship.

The first week started off with an introduction day, with a scavenger hunt to learn where everything is located. Very helpful, since the office is like a maze. Still after three weeks we are still learning where everything is! During the first and second week we had introduction meetings with the different managers here at OHPC to gain insight about how and what the different divisions work with. During these meetings we realized the complexity of Orkla as a company. Orkla operates with the whole value chain, making them a unique company with a wide range of expertise.

A&AWe are grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to the next five weeks, especially beer/prosecco and pizza night in October!




Summer Internship – Group HR, Orkla ASA

Group HR is finally in the house!

Who knew that cheez doodles could be of such great size? I bet you would want one of those.

This summer has not just been about face planting into snacks, but also getting to know Orkla as a whole. From visiting different factories to having Skype meetings with managers all over the world – no day has been alike!

We are three interns working in Orkla ASA, within the Group HR function. This means that we work with HR projects that impact the entire Orkla Group on a global level. Our names are Nichole, Sigrid and Guro, and here you can see us in the office:

cheez doodle

SDFEDFEWe were given a number of projects connected to Orkla`s long term strategy to be “One Orkla”. Being able to work with real life tasks and be part of the transformation to become a more unified Orkla has been both motivating and engaging for us. Being three interns working together has also made the process fun because it has given us the chance to have reflective and creative discussions that have lead us to good solutions for each of the projects.


Our main project has been to map how the onboarding and offboarding processes has been executed and run at all of Orkla`s offices around the world. The goal with the mapping project was to create a universal process and set of guidelines that can be used by all Orkla offices around the globe which in turn will create a more unified Orkla. This has given us the opportunity to have Skype meetings with HR-directors and managers across different areas including India, Scandinavia, Baltics, and Romania to mention a few. Did you know that they have Seigmenn in India and they are made vegetarian? They call it “Stretchy man”, which kind of makes sense.

Another project that we have been working on is to come up with a strategy plan for how to launch an Orkla app for blue collar employees. We did lots of research and analysis to present our business plan and suggestions for further implementation. It has been a interdisciplinary collaboration that has been both exciting and educational.

Despite being busy working with different projects, we found time to visit the Sunda factory that produces yummy products like Nugatti, Sjokade and Banos, and also the Råbekken factory where Stabburet produce their meat products. We have to say that we enjoyed “Nugattifabrikken” over Stabburet.

blogg post sif smasHaving fun is not hard when you have an Orkla access card!

The summer is sadly coming to an end, and these past eight weeks have just flown by.  Being a summer intern at Orkla has been an exciting, fun and eventful journey, and we are all leaving the office with new knowledge, good memories, and hopefully a bag of Smash (Kate, we sure hope you read this post!). Not only have we had the opportunity to work on real life projects, but we have also created new professional networks and friendships that we will appreciate beyond the duration of this internship. It is safe to say that all of us summer interns have become a little family of our own!

fellesbilde bloggThe Summer Interns and some of our managers

This was the last blog post from the Summer Interns, but the students from the BI internship program will keep the blog updated over the next two months. The pressure is on, BI! Keep it up!

Finally, here is a sneak peek of our last project this summer – have a look!

Do you want to be a part of this awesome adventure? #LifeatOrkla

We highly recommend you to apply for the Orkla Summer Academy 2019! The internship positions will be posted on the 6th of September:

Summer Internship – Production strategy and development

The summer is approaching an end which means we are one of the remaining group to be presented: PSD.

Our names are Tora and Madeleine, and this summer we have worked as interns for Orkla PSD – Production strategy and development.

Two weeks before the internship started we were told we were going to be working at a factory in Sweden for the first 3 weeks. This is generally how the PSD team work, they are stationed at numerous factories Mondays to Thursdays before coming back to Skøyen on Fridays. I, Tora, started a week and a half before Madeleine and was therefore sent down to the factory first. From the very first day I was put to work on interesting projects, and there was no doubt that this wasn’t a typical “coffee run” internship. Admittedly, I was a bit nervous in the beginning as the projects were quite technical and I am a strategy major. However, I quickly got the jist of it and really enjoyed spending my time on the floor.


The first Friday in Smøgen, PSD was having their yearly summer meeting and party and I was invited to come along. After a seminar and meeting, we were treated to a bar-to-bar boat trip, before a lovely seafood dinner and party.


In the middle of the second week, Madeleine finally joined me at the factory. Madeleine studies Mechanical Engineering with a specialisation within Production Management at NTNU. Therefore we made the perfect team, equipped with the required skills to take on the challenges PSD has to offer! The first one was writing a business case for the implementation of machine learning on a machine at the “makrell i tomat” line. Although we worked a lot during our weeks in Sweden, we had plenty of time in the afternoon to go swimming, have dinner with the team and explore the beautiful town of Smögen.


After our vacation we were sent to Borregaard for a trip with the rest of the interns. It was really nice to hang out with them a bit, as we have been stationed outside of Skøyen. We were taken to Stabburet factory in Råbekken and started out the trip with a factory tour. It was very cool to see how another factory was ran, and we were happy to be back in factory clothes as corporate clothing is not our usual style.


Later in the day, we were divided into teams consisting of interns from different departments to solve a business case for Orkla. The case was very challenging, but it was cool to have a chance to solve an actual case that Orkla is working on these days.

At night, we wined and dined at the beautiful Borregaard with the interns and some of their leaders. The HR girls even colour-coordinated their outfits for the occasion (typical HR).


Our final major project was within the second branch of PSD: footprint. This involves giving the company competitive advantage by looking into the network of all the existing Orkla factories and seeing if some can be consolidated. We were fortunate to accompany the other consultants on a business trip to discover how this intricate process works.

We visited a factory in Sweden and a factory in Finland.  We became quite some cucumber experts!

When we were neither flying nor working we had the time to walk around and discover the new cities such as Malmö.

nr8Walking the streets of Malmö


nr9We also got to know the other PSD employees a bit better over nice meals.

Our last week will be wrapped-up on Sweden’s west coast, same place where our adventure initially started. We know that we will be looking into the cost savings from digitalising lines in the future. However, we are looking forwards to getting more details on this project. And of course, we don’t mind going back to Sweden when we have these views to look forwards to.

nr10The view when gazing up from our laptops

This summer has been a thrilling ride – from starting on Sweden’s idyllic west coast to ending with a trip to Denmark, Sweden and Finland over the span of three days. If you are curious about how the consultant life is, this is the perfect taster. We both agree that it has been exciting to combine data analysis and conversations with factory employees in order to arrive to potential solutions that can secure Orkla’s development and growth. And of course, we have experienced the perks of the consultant life: travel, dining out and working in a dynamic and vibrant environment!


Summer Internship – Orkla Marketing & Innovation

My name is Nicolai Hagen and I have had the pleasure of working alongside the talented people at Orkla Marketing & Innovation (OMI).

This summer, I have had the opportunity to partake in the study and development of bringing Orkla into an entirely new category. Together with my supervisor and mentor, Maria Borge Andreassen, I have experienced the process of innovation from the earliest stage. Due to the public nature of this blog, I am not able to entirely disclose what I have been working on this summer, however, I will still attempt to give you a glimpse of what it is like working at OMI.

In the early summer months, collecting and analysing data was my primary assignment, which gave me insight into the category and market as well as consumer behaviour and preferences. This groundwork would lead up to a workshop where people from different parts of Orkla would get together and generate ideas. After an inspiring day, we were left with a ton of different and exciting ideas. To decide which ones we would develop further was no easy task!

Stabburet’s factory
Last week we, the interns at Orkla, had the privilege of visiting Stabburet’s factory at Råbekken and the historic Borregaard, which is Orkla’s conference center. We were given a presentation as well as a guided tour of the factory, it was exciting to visit the birthplace of Stabburet’s liver pate and to see how the increasing need for automatization is driving the industry.

stabburetGroup photo outside Råbekken

Borregaard                                                                                                                            Afterwards, we arrived at Borregaard, where a challenging business case awaited us. We were split into teams, given a short brief of the case and tasked with preparing a presentation answering a series of questions.

The assignment required expertise from all the different fields that the team members had worked with during our stay at Orkla. It encased challenges relating to HR, Marketing, Innovation, Finance, Production & Supply Chain and Group Sales. To add to the pressure on that, we were also given a short amount of time to solve the issues at hand, which made the case a true test of our merits. After a couple of stressful hours, we would give a presentation to a provisional board of directors, who would evaluate our work as well as provide constructive feedback.

borrgeardCase solving at Borregaard

Later, we were handsomely rewarded for our efforts with a wonderful dinner in the main house of Borregaard. The evening was concluded with games of pool and dart.

middag borreaardDinner at Borregaard

My experience at Orkla has been truly amazing. To be able to work with so many people who are experts in their fields has been both educational and inspiring. In this program, I have been able to work creatively and freely with marketing and innovation. I appreciate the hands on approach and  the trust given to the interns. Soon, I will be returning to my studies, where I certainly will be utilizing what I have learned here.

In closing, I would like to thank Maria for being a fantastic mentor. Her encouragement, knowledge and energy are a big part of what has made my internship here at Orkla an absolute dream.

ungt-entre.jpg Maria and I 

Summer Internship – Orkla Foods Norway

Finally it is our turn to jump into the blog universe! We are Marcus and Marit, and are interns in Orkla Foods Norway (OFN) this summer. Both of us have just finished the first year of our master’s degree. Marcus studies Strategic Marketing Management at BI Norwegian Business School and Marit specializes in Marketing and Brand Management at Norwegian School of Economics.

This summer we have been assigned two different projects. We are each in charge of one project, but we have also been collaborating in order to get insights within both areas.

The first project is a strategic case for “Stabbur-Makrell”. During this project we have been gathering insight among consumers and analyzed how Stabbur-Makrell can approach new segments. We got to visit the factory in Kungshamn, Sweden, which was really exciting. In the lovely skerries of Sweden we got a closer look at how the production works and input to our research.

21.jpgHere is Marcus; in charge of a project for Stabbur-Makrell

3.jpgFactory visit in Kungshamn

The other project is a case for Fun Light. It has been a challenging and exciting project, and we have got to work with tasks within marketing, product development, pricing and strategy. Among the most rewarding parts of having an internship in OFN is that we get to see how marketing and brand management are applied outside of the tons of theory books we have read during our studies.

1Marit is in charge of a project for Fun Light

During these two projects our project leader has encouraged us to think innovative and challenged our approach to both business cases which have been very beneficial for our own development so far. The other people working in our department have also been very helpful if we have needed more insight about the brands. We would also like to mention that it is really fun to have a Swedish supervisor when Sweden is in the world cup.

4Very pleased boss after Swedish victory

As seen in previous blog posts, one of the many benefits of working in Orkla is that you might be lucky to get hold on some goodies.

5….at least when you get in.

We have really been appreciating getting to work with big brands that are strongly incorporated and that many Norwegians have a dear relationship with. We benefit especially of getting good insight and understanding from business developers and brand managers that have been working on cross of several business areas within Orkla.

There are still a few weeks left of our internship, but so far it has been really exciting to be part of this program. This week we are going to help Pizzabakeriet conduct a tasting session for new product launches, as well as going on a field trip to Borregaard for skill development sessions together with the other interns. We would highly recommend an internship in Orkla to anyone that is interested in a fun-, social- and great learning environment (as well as access to heaps of candy and frozen pizza).

6Us together with our supervisor, Wilhelm.

Summer Internship – Orkla Home and Personal Care

This week it’s our privilege to provide you insight into our internship experience at Orkla Home and Personal Care (OHPC). For those of you who wonder, we are Alexandra Løvenskiold, Fredrik Angelvik, Julia Christensen and Vilde Løland. Both Vilde and Fredrik have finished the first year of their master’s degree at the Norwegian School of Economics, specializing in Marketing and Brand Management, and Business Analytics respectively. Julia and Alexandra are both master students at Copenhagen Business School, where Julia studies International Business and Alexandra studies Finance and Strategic Management.

op1Vilde Løland, Julia Christensen, Fredrik Angelvik and Alexandra Løvenskiold

Throughout these past weeks we have been working on two different projects. Vilde and Fredrik have been working on a digital startup project, while Julia and Alexandra, have been working on a price-, campaign- and channel strategy for Sun machine tablets.

While most days are spent at the office working on our projects (we’ll get more into this later), we have also been so fortunate to have had the unique opportunity of getting insight into the whole OHPC value chain. We have seen how sales leaders work out in the field, visited the OHPC fabric at Ski, talked to several colleagues and sat in on an OHPC top management meeting. Another joy of working at OHPC is the social environment. Since our first day there has been plenty of social gatherings at the office; “Midsommar” party, farewell party and mom to be party, to name a few.

op2Visiting the Lilleborg factory in Ski

Despite working in a division that focuses on aspects such as cleanliness and wellbeing, we do occasionally get a few snacks and treats from other units within Orkla. This is gladly appreciated after long hours at the office.


Now more into what we have been working on:

For Julia and Alexandra, most of the work has mostly involved gathering large amounts of data from various data portals and analyzing the outputs. As two OHPC newbies, guidance and insight from wonderful colleagues has been truly helpful. This has allowed us to get a deeper understanding of the way things work and provided us with useful tools. A typical day for us usually starts at 8 am by the coffee cart. Afterwards we make our way into the working area, picking any seat we’d like. That’s another part we really like about working here. The free seating allows us to meet new colleagues every day. During the working hours we work on gathering data from different sources. Sometimes this involves arranging meetings with colleagues and getting their insights, and other times creating fancy Excel sheets. But like any other company, there is always a big focus on knowledge sharing, meaning we regularly spar with others to give inputs to their projects and our own. We feel grateful for getting so much responsibility and learning by doing. We can truly say that it has been a steep learning curve!

op3Teampicture: Knut, Fredrik, Vilde, Ingrid (Project Leader), Kristin (Tech), Magnus (Tech)

Fredrik and Vilde have been working on an exciting start-up project, together with two tech interns from an external consulting firm. This means we have been doing everything from gathering insights about new customer segments, testing revenue streams, building business cases and developing the launch strategy. Throughout the last three weeks we have met up with large international players, like Facebook and Snapchat. Working with a start-up is both challenging and rewarding! We get to learn about all the aspects of developing a new business and having an impact on one of Orkla possible new revenue streams. It also means that we are not sitting at our desks at Skøyen every day. We have been out working at entrepreneurial surroundings and at the tech intern’s office. Our project leader has challenged us every day, but it has been very rewarding! We are looking forward to the rest of our stay at Orkla!

op4Hanging out at the Facebook office

As we are about to finish our current projects, we look forward to starting new projects at the end of next week. This time Julia and Fredrik will be working on a project for Jordan toothbrushes, and Vilde and Alexandra will be working on a digital project, mostly involving digital marketing for one of OHPC’s shampoo brands.