Greetings From a Supply Chain Intern


My name is Veronika Gulsett and I just started the third semester of my MSc in Business degree at BI Norwegian Business School, where I take a major in logistics, operations and supply chain management.

In our third semester, we can choose to have a fulltime internship in eight weeks, accounting for 12 ects. When I saw the internship position in the supply chain department of Orkla Foods, I knew what I wanted to do this semester. Orkla Foods both develop, produce and distribute several well-known products, and I thought it would be interesting to get to know the company, how the different departments interlink and how they work with their complex supply chain.



The different Orkla Foods brands, which all consist of several products

Three weeks have passed since I had my first day at Mastemyr, where Orkla Foods is located, and I have already learned a lot. Through a two-day introduction seminar with all the newly hired Orkla Foods employees, meetings with key-persons in the supply chain department, and casual lunch conversations, I have learned much about the company. What I find best is the including work environment and the fact that all the persons I have asked have taken time to answer my questions and help me out.

Besides introduction meetings and courses, most of my time have been occupied with a project revolving the inventory of Orkla Foods. I have been given the responsibility of analysing how the inventory level is at the different factories today, and based on that develop recommendations for how the inventory level can be reduced as well as developing an evaluation and improvement process. This has given me the opportunity to apply the theory I learned at BI and experience that the real business cases might be much more complex than the tasks we have solved in class.

The inventory level is a result of several other factors, such as the service level, costs, and forecasting precision. Working with this project is therefore giving me new input on how the different factors interlink, and a better understanding of the importance of cooperation between different departments. Being responsible for a project also develop me as a person, as I, among other, must be confident in the choices I make and prioritise where I should put my resources.

Blogg bilde 2.jpg

Most of the time is spent at this spot…

blogg bilde 3

… but it has also been presentations, and I will visit some factories to get a better understanding of how the different processes works.

I am looking forward to the next five weeks, where I am sure my learning curve will continue to increase 🙂






BI Internship – Ida Smedheim Bjerklund

My name is Ida Smedheim Bjerklund. I am a second year Master of Science student at BI Business School in Oslo, Norway, studying Leadership and Organizational Psychology.

I was welcomed to Orkla ASA with open arms and I have learned more these two first weeks than I ever expected. During my 8 weeks here at Orkla ASA at Skøyen (Oslo, Norway) I will be working on different projects and tasks within the human resource (HR) department. Already after 2 weeks I have gotten to see and learn about so many different aspects of HR. I am working with an inspiring group of people who shows great knowledge about the HR area. I know I am in great hands!

These first two weeks I have put great effort into understanding Orkla as an organization, and tried to get a better insight into the many opportunities and challenges we are facing here in Orkla. Moreover, I have gotten to take part in interviews in terms of recruiting and have been mapping out and developing a title structure for employees at Orkla ASA. I have also taken part in many meetings and get to learn about the different plans (and projects) going on at Orkla and also learnt plenty in regards to employer branding. As of now I am planning a visit for all the interns at Orkla this fall to go to the Nidar chocolate factory in Trondheim. We are very excited to get to learn more about the different processes within Orkla and following the product development of chocolates from beginning to end. However, (if I am going to be totally honest) most of all, we are excited to taste all the delicious chocolates 😉

Ida blogg 1.jpgFrom my work desk…

I must say, one of the most exciting events I have gotten to be a part of so far is the leadership seminar (Orkla Management Program) at Borregaard Hovedgård in Sarpsborg Norway. Borregaard Hovedgård is managed by Orkla and is where they arrange all their Academies and many other programs and events. It is a beautiful place with great food and accommodations. The program itself seemed to be very value-adding for all the participants, and learning was illustrated through discussions, games, exercises and lectures. It was great fun to learn more about leadership development in Orkla, and also to get to know the leaders participating in the program.

From Borregaard Hovedgård where I spent the night and had a learning filled day with the Orkla OMP program…

There has been plenty of impressions and learning experiences so far during these 2 weeks. I am excited to keep following the very steep learning curve the next upcoming weeks. Orkla is a great place to be and a great learning platform. I am already looking forward to next week!

My intern experience

Hey! My name is Benjamin Aanes, and I am about to start my final year of my master’s degree at the Norwegian School of Economics, majoring in finance.

I have always been interested in technology, and through these past weeks, my colleague Karoline and I have spent many hours keeping up to date on the latest. Every day at work has been seriously interesting. Working with almost complete independency makes you really test yourself, and you can control your own time. If the moment calls for reading up on the latest tech-news, or how to program a Chatbot in C++, then that is what you do. Innovation is in the ideas, and ideas is what you get when you do something different.



Early in our rounds of interviews, one of our interviewees came with a great idea. Building a Chatbot on the Facebook messenger platform that could manage the cleaning lists of students in communal living, and especially taking the role as a third party that could remind those who forget their tasks. After further research, we found that this solution fit our problem perfectly.

So what is a Chatbot? A Chatbot is a text-based program that interacts with customers in natural language. It is like Siri, but less awkward when at school, bridging the gap between technology and linguistics. Using natural language processing the program can process pieces of text and extract the intent of the user. With machine learning it can become better at predicting what the intent is. Facebook released their Facebook Messenger Platform API at the 2016 F8 conference, which fully supports Chatbots (following certain Facebook guidelines). The Facebook messenger app has around 2 billion active users. Seamlessly incorporating your Chatbot into the Facebook messenger app makes the users a single click away. No app-cluttering or downloads needed. You simply enter the bots Facebook page and press the “Talk now” button. It might be a hard sell, but we have worked hard trying to plug any holes in our plan, from marketing to scalability to cost estimates. The only thing that remains is our final presentation next Tuesday, and I cannot wait to see what the response is. I want to give a shout-out to my friends at Utsikten and all other interviewees.



During my time at Orkla I have learned a lot. Through meeting the different sections of the organization, we received a thorough walkthrough of both the firm-strategy and digital marketing strategy, both in the long- and the short run.  I really enjoyed getting in so early in the process, and learning about the inner workings and importance of SOE, CRM and programmatic retargeting. This is truly the future of marketing. As an employee, Orkla has been great. I can really tell that the people who work here really care about what they do, and their ability to inspire this in others is impressive.



My name is Sigrun Myhrvold, and together with Connie I’m just about to start the second and final year of in my master’s degree in Strategic Marketing Management at BI in Oslo.

As Benjamin D. already told you, we’ve been working together on creating social media strategies for the brands Lano and Dr Greve, as well as planning and activating Dr Greve’s sponsorship of KK-mila, an all-women’s run that will take place at Bislett Stadium in Oslo 1.-2. September (come visit us at our stand to see how it turned out).

Although the focus of this internship was on the digital side of marketing, I also got the challenge of creating a print ad for KK (the magazine organizing the run) to promote our Facebook competition, where you can win tickets for the run.

Work in progress…


…and final result

Bilde 2bilde 3

As most people realize when they start working with social media, you run out of content and photos faster than you can say Facebook. Therefore, we decided to arrange a photoshoot. The first thing we needed to do was find a photographer, then some kids, and a location.

I have to say, I was a bit nervous the morning of the photoshoot, as I know 3-year-old kids can be quite unpredictable, and it can be a challenge to make them smile for the camera.

It turned out to be an amazing day, and the kids were having a fantastic time splashing around with lots and lots of foam and water.

Follow Lano on Facebook to see the shots from the photoshoot as they are being posted:

bilde4.jpgBEHIND THE SCENES: Me and Marius (3). Photo: Kyle Meyr

With just one more week to go, we’re approaching the end of this summer internship in Orkla. It has been a fantastic experience which has given me an opportunity to see what it’s like to actually work within the field of digital marketing, and not just reading about it. Getting hands on experience with the business side of Facebook, Instagram etc. has been truly priceless.

Sigrun Myhrvold


Glass Half-Full

After a week of solitude in the ghost town of an office, everyone returned from vacation well rested and enthusiastic about the current achievements and future challenges of our projects. However, this week is when we delegated individual roles in order to tackle the titan of a group project we received prior to the holiday. The task involved estimating the total market size, as well as possible opportunity market share in which Orkla could dominate within the Home & Personal Care segment, across all relevant channels. This is when the real grind of marketing began. We we’re left to shift our roles from Brand Managers to professional Data Analytics in order to comprehend the bewildering search engines and mass data dump thrown at us from “Euromonitor”. Basically…

Bilde 1Accurate representation of Euromonitors Website

Although the week began with despair, the interns and I are steadily grasping and mastering the skills needed for navigation through the data dump, looking forward to showing off our results.

Before the initiation of the channel project, my partner Sigrun and I have been working on the third project yet to be mentioned in the blogs. Essentially, we have both been given the roles of Brand Manager for two giants of the Norwegian bathroom product range, Lano and Dr.Greve. Our task has been to create as much traction as possible on social media, mainly Facebook, for both brands. Along with this, we have been provided a hefty budget to be allocated towards advertising, as well as the arrangement of an event through the coalition of Dr.Greve and KK – Mila. This has thrown us into a real-life project for the firm, which has required creativity and logical decision making in order to handle our tasks. Although it may seem a relatively straight forward task, it has enlightened me to the raw difficulty firms face when transitioning brands over to the target demographic of the digital world. Even when the brands are some of the most popular in Norway, generating online popularity whilst staying true to the brand essence has deemed more complex than initially thought, often leaving me in a perplexing state of limbo.

However, through the vices of caffeine as well as the other talented interns and employees at the firm, there has always been a medium which aided me in getting over the marketing block.

I’m Benjamin Drabløs and I have just completed my 2nd Year of a Bachelor degree in Business with Marketing at the University of Edinburgh. Being 20 years old, I have found the immediate shift from blissful summers of ignorance, to that of the 08:00 to 16:00 grind both eye-opening and overwhelming. I consider myself lucky to be given hands-on experience in a semi-realistic environment so I can apply what knowledge I’ve gathered here, to self-improvement and preparation during my remaining years of education.


-Benjamin Drabløs

Hi everyone!

My name is Connie Jacobsen and I will be taking over the blog this week. I am currently undertaking my master’s degree in strategic marketing management at BI Oslo, and as Viktoriia mentioned in the previous post, we are working together on the Plusstid project. Plusstid is Orkla’s customer program for families, and consists of a magazine and website that give helpful tips and advice to families in their everyday lives. Viktoriia and I are responsible for improving Plusstid’s social media presence, and so far, we have spent a lot of time on creating strategies for the different social media platforms. In the first weeks, we have been working a lot on Instagram especially, creating posts and guidelines for the future.

Photo1Working on the Plusstid Instagram-account with a yummy smoothie from the Orkla café.

Further, I wanted to share more about how the interns work together. As Karoline mentioned in her post, we are working on three different projects during our summer here. However, one of the great things about this internship is that we all sit together and are able to discuss and confer on all the projects. This allows us to get input from the other interns on our Plusstid project, and we get a more diverse internship as we can assist on the other projects as well. Just recently we also received a new project which we will work together on, all six of us, which I am sure will be really interesting as well.

Photo2Helping Sigrun Myhrvold take photos for Dr. Greve’s Facebook competition.

Finally, I wanted to share some of my absolute highlights from the internship. Workwise it must be the level of responsibility we have as interns, and that we really get to challenge our skills and capabilities. In addition, being able to work with social media at a corporate level is so much fun, and most of the time I do not feel like I am at work. The biggest highlight is probably yet to come, when we get to present our results at the end of the summer. Socially there has also been many highlights, including lunches and dinners to get to know people around the office. I am really looking forward to the upcoming weeks at Orkla, and I am sure they will be even busier and packed with new tasks, challenges and experiences.

Photo3Me in front of the main entrance.


My name is Viktoriia Vinnik, I am a marketing and brand management student at Norwegian School of Economics and this week I will take over Orkla Summer Academy Blog. This week was full of new information and interesting acquaintances for Orkla Summer interns; we had meetings with CEO, CFO and HR director of Orkla Home and Personal Care (OHPC), Group Marketing Manager of Lilleborg and finally, had a chance to visit R&D department and see how “the magic of shampoo and soap cooking” happens.


From the left: Sigrun Myhrvold, Karoline Bjørnstadjordet and Silje Nome (Product Developer in R&D depertment)


During excursion to R&D department we saw how home care products in Orkla are tested…


… and we even got a chance to make our own hair balm:)


On a meeting with the Group Marketing Manager, Stine Ombustvedt, we asked many questions about how Orkla brands are positioned and promoted. From the left: Sigrun Myhrvold, Stine Ombustvedt, Karoline Bjørnstadjordet, Benjamin Aanes, Connie Jacobsen, Viktoriia Vinnik.

As you can see the week was intense, not to mention that I didn’t even start telling you about the project that I am working on with another intern, Connie Jacobsen. I bet she will tell you more about “Plusstid project” in her next post.


On a closing note, I would like to say that from my perspective, the best thing about this summer internship is that the projects we are working on involve much responsibility and have very ambitious goals. Expectations are high and we have a real chance to contribute to the development of one of Orkla brands. Every time when I handed in an assignment with a huge and extremely creative marketing campaign that we developed with my fellow students at school, my only though was: I wish someday I will be able to work with such projects for real.. (“maybe.. someday..”). Well, thanks to Orkla Summer Academy I didn’t have to wait long 🙂