My internship experience

My name is Anni Voll and I am at my last year of my bachelor`s degree in Applicable Psychology at Bjørknes college.

Due to the many possibilities a degree in psychology brings, working in Orkla has given me the chance to pursue one of many directions after graduating, as well as getting actual working experience whilst being a student. Especially since Orkla is one of the larger Groups in Norway and in the Nordic region, makes me grateful that I have gotten the opportunity to work with some of the best in this business.

During my time at Orkla, I worked in the HR division with the Orkla Food Ingredients companies. This includes among other companies; Idun Industri, My Bakery, Italiensk Bakery etc. My work has consisted of: employee profile merging, recruitment processes and most of all EU`s new guidelines for personal data protection, called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation): The new regulation applies to all companies either located in the EU or trading with companies located in the EU. This regulation has higher demands to consent and storage of personal data.



Here you can see the different divisions Orkla consist of.

My area of responsibility in the GDPR project is to map out how the companies within Orkla are handling the personal data, with the purpose of ensuring that these companies are currently following the new regulation, which takes effect March 2018.

During 6 out of my 9 weeks at Orkla, I have learned a lot. None the least I learned how to apply the theory of psychology into real life situations. Furthermore, when I participated in a recruitment process at Idun Industri, I found it very helpful having competence within the interview´s many biases; for example the interviewer´s tendency to interpret the same information differently than the other interviewers, the halo-effect (adding positive characteristics to a person based on a single factor), confirmation bias (seeking information that confirms what we already believe or want to believe about the interviewee) and so on. With this knowledge in mind, I believe we managed to make an objective decision of the interviewees, without the psychological biases we humans tend to apply.


Me in front of Orkla

I also learned about the importance of handling personal data correctly. For instance, how many people do you think have access to your personal data? Most likely, the answer is more people than you know. Therefore it is of the highest importance that this information does not fall into the wrong hands. GDPR is a therefore an important and necessary regulation designed to protect each employee no matter their place of work.

In short terms, working in Orkla has made me grow as a person.  It has given me more insight and understanding into the world of HR and buisness, while I at a personal level have met a number of exiting challenges. Orkla in an incredible Group with an working environment that other companies can envy, and I am realy looking forward to my last three weeks.



Intern at Communications, Orkla ASA

Hi! My name is Anniken Sandøy, and I am a master’s student in Globalization: transnationalism and culture at NTNU. As a part of the program we need to have an internship our first semester of our second year. I have been lucky enough to get an internship at Orkla ASA which is located at Skøyen, where I will be working full time for about three months. I have already been here for nine weeks, which has gone by really fast, and I am really excited to see what the next five will bring.

The entrance at Orkla, Skøyen

While being here, I am working on topics related to corporate social responsibility, or CSR. So far, I have mainly been working on the new human rights policy that Orkla is releasing this year. I have helped developing a toolkit to go along with the policy, to make sure that it is implemented properly and to avoid misinterpretation. It has been very interesting to work this much with the policy, and to gain better knowledge and understanding of how important the topic of human rights is.

I have also been working on the Orkla sustainability report. Mainly to create the tables for each of the chapters for the 2017 report. While doing this, I have also been checking if last year’s report contains all the information that is necessary, or if there is something that should be added this year. Related to this, I have been working on updating a questionnaire that will be sent out to all Orkla companies in order to get the information and numbers needed.

You can either work at an activity based office or at your own desk

I am grateful that I have gotten the experience of being an intern at Orkla, especially since I have a very different educational background than many of the people here. The best part about working at Orkla is that we get a lot of responsibility and challenging tasks. And even though the expectations are high, you are allowed to try and fail.  It is also exciting to see that Orkla is being recognized for the work that they are doing in terms of sustainability. For instance, they are, for the seventh year in a row, listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, which is a ranking of the best companies within sustainability. It has also been a lot of fun to meet the other interns and to hear what they are doing. It is clear that Orkla is a company where a lot is going on, and where you have the ability to learn and experience many new and fun things!




Finance internship at Orkla House Care

My name is Victor Simonsen. I have just started the second year of my Master of Science in Business at BI Norwegian Business School, where I am majoring in Finance.

In the third semester, instead of two elective courses, students have the opportunity to apply for an internship programme lasting eight weeks. For me, an internship programme is more valuable as a means of allowing me to experience how my studies are applied in “the real world”, and to gain relevant work experience. I was lucky to have the opportunity to be a part of Orkla House Care’s Finance department for these eight weeks.

As one of the many interesting cases I have been working with, I would like to highlight the one where I was given responsibility to analyze the underlying cost drivers of Orkla House Care’s products to suggest price adjustments in the House Care Group’s different countries of operation. Price adjustments are usually presented for the respective customers when having yearly contract negotiations.

In accordance with the finance department, I have also contributed to come up with the most important and valuable numbers supporting the key account managers presentations in the negotiations with the customers. Even though I am not the one deciding the final numbers or decisions, I feel big responsibility and appreciate that people trust my work and take my suggestions into consideration.


Also been visiting stores to see and learn the strategic placing of Jordan’s products

This last week I will spend most of my time on a really interesting and potentially very valuable project. The aim of the project is to see if the weather has a statistically significantly impact on the outdoor painting sales, and if it has, in which magnitude. Hopefully the findings can be used to give more insight, explain changes in sales and perhaps take advantage of seasonal differences in the weather.


Working with some large data sets

My stay here at Orkla House Care has, by far, exceeded my expectations of both learning outcome and experience. The people here has welcomed me with open arms, letting me join and observe several cases related to different business areas, and always taking time to talk and answer my questions.

bilde4The Orkla House Care crew


The End!

A couple weeks after my last blog post, I got to finish my project with Dr Greve at KK-mila. It was so much fun getting to see the project all the way through, and I am happy say that it was a success. We had so many people stop by our stand, and there was a line to join our activities all day long. In fact, people loved it so much that our stand was awarded “Best stand 2017”!

Dr Greve

Dr Greve’s stand at KK-mila.

After summer, I was so lucky as to get to continue my stay at Orkla through an internship program with BI. This time I got a position within the marketing team in Lilleborg, a company within Orkla Care that specializes in professional cleaning products and services. This was a new and exciting challenge for me as this is a B2B company, which I didn’t have much experience with from before.

I got to spend my first three days in Lilleborg at their semiannual conference, where I got to learn about their products and services, new innovations, clients, competitors, strategies, culture, and so much more. I also got to meet a lot of new people, both those I would be working with at Skøyen, as well as most of Lilleborg’s sales force which is stationed all across Norway.

During my time in Lilleborg I got to work on a lot of different projects. I was involved in the relaunch of their web page, research on competitors, product innovations, designing marketing material, and marketing campaigns. They also included me in a lot of interesting meetings where I learned a lot about the company and how the B2B world works.

I also got to spend a day at the Orkla factory in Ski, where they produce several of Lilleborg’s products. Being aware of how the products are actually produced and what the key challenges are is very helpful when you work as a brand manager. For example, knowing what changes can be made to shapes and design of packaging without increasing the workload in the factory, could contribute to keeping the costs down.


Visiting the Orkla factory in Ski.
From the left: Karoline Bjørnstadjordet, Connie Jacobsen, and Sigrun Myhrvold.

Being an intern in Orkla has been a truly invaluable experience. I have had the freedom to be creative and find my own solutions, while at the same time having inspiring and talented mentors constantly supporting me. When I return to school this week, I know my classes will be a lot more interesting now that I have real work experience from marketing that I can relate the theory to and use examples from.

I am so thankful that I got this opportunity, and I would encourage every master’s student who is interested in getting real work experience in an inspiring and professional environment to apply for next year’s internships in Orkla!

lastday.jpgLast day at Orkla.

The End!

– Sigrun Myhrvold



Internship at Orkla Confectionery and Snacks

My name is Ingrid Marker and I am an intern at Orkla Confectionary and Snacks as a part of my second year MSc in Strategic Marketing Management at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo. The option to do an internship in our third semester of our master’s degree was an easy choice as we get to apply what we have learnt during our education, while also learning about how a company operates and all the steps involved in product innovation.

With only two weeks left of my internship it is safe to say that my experience at Orkla Confectionary and Snacks have been invaluable. The things I have learnt during this experience truly exceeded my expectations and I already feel like I am a part of the organization.


Two of our many meetings and seminars

During these 8 weeks I have operated as a Brand Manager in the chocolate category. Nidar is a strong and well-known brand in Norway consisting of many different product lines such as Nidar Favoritter, Smash, Laban and so on. With the main factory in the center of Trondheim, it has been a part of Norwegian history since 1912, and became a part of Orkla in 1992.

Bilde 3

In “the field” doing research

Working as a brand manager, I have had many different large projects working with product innovation and product development for chocolate. As well as my own projects I have also joined in on meetings and helping the other brand managers with tasting chocolate, evaluating product design and so on.

One event that I want to highlight as one of the most memorable, was our trip to Trondheim in week 5. During this trip I was responsible for arranging workshops for two different product lines within Nidar. The responsibility I was given made me more confident in my abilities to perform and do well. The workshop turned out to be a great success and we were able to produce several hundred product ideas to be considered.

Bilde 4

Workshop in Trondheim

Based on my time working with the company, I would describe Orkla as a growing company, where innovative ideas are welcomed and with a work environment every company should envy. Even though there are only a couple of weeks left of my internship, I am confident that I will learn a lot more from my highly skilled colleagues at Orkla confectionary and snacks.





HR internship at Orkla Foods Norge

Hi! Our names are Marie Sandstrøm Mathiassen and Emilie Valand Sørensen, and we are interns in the HR department at Orkla Foods. We are at our third semester of our MSc in Leadership and Organizational Psychology at BI Business School.

We are both very pleased with our first weeks here at Orkla Foods, not to mention the very warm welcome from all the employees at Mastemyr. From mid august until now, we have been challenged through a variety of tasks. Everything from case workshops, speed interviews, longer interviews, meetings, seminars, development of new performance appraisals, to tasting of new exiting products.

This is where we spend most of our working hours…

When we don’t spend time in our office we usually explore the building, visit Orkla’s own grocery store, or make terrible films…

Last week was particularly interesting with visit at the Idun factory in Rygge, were they produce Idun ketchup and sauces. The aim of the day was to host a case workshop and speed interviews with participants from NMBU and NTNU for the production trainee position.


Recruitment is a valuable learning process and we are currently lucky enough to participate in several. It is exciting to try out educational theory in to practice and being able to sit on the other side of the table, for a change. Although we are given proper supervision and guidance, we are simultaneously experiencing a lot of responsibility and autonomy.

Mastemyr has its own grocery store where they sell Orkla products to a reduced price. This was the result of our first “shopping”…

We are looking forward to the final weeks of our internship! 🙂

BI Internship – Regine Ditløvsen Øverås


My name is Regine Ditløvsen Øverås, and I have just started the second and final year of my master’s degree in Strategic Marketing Management at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo.

As part of my master’s degree, I have been lucky to attend an internship program. I am now working fulltime for two months, instead of attending regular lectures at campus. An internship is a great opportunity to get hands on experience in a company or industry of your interest. Moreover, the best part of it: you get to “try and fail” in a safe and supportive environment. How great is that?

School visit and samling. People love free chocolate!

During this period, I am part of Orkla’s Marketing & Innovation department, currently developing best practices for marketing on Snapchat and Twitter. With technology and social media trends continuously changing, this is an exciting and interesting field. How can brands use Snapchat filters and lenses to engage customers? Hopefully I will be able to answer this question by the end of this internship, when I am recording a “how to”-video, in addition to presenting the findings for the marketing department. Feeling both excited and frighten by this opportunity!

Morning meeting with Snapchat

In order to get more familiar with Orkla’s brands (there are so many!), in terms of positioning, promotion, objectives and upcoming activities, I have been meeting with the all the departments – Home & Personal Care, Health, Pierre Robert, Foods, Confectionery & Snacks, Plusstid etc. As a marketing student, I am thrilled about working with such a wide range of well-known and successful brands. Grandiosa, Smash, Nugatti, Nutrilett, Pierre Robert, Toro, Zalo – brands that are a part of your everyday life. Additionally, I have been working with external companies, such as advertising agencies, Snapchat and Twitter. This have been an essential part of my project.

At Orkla you need to be both independent, creative and collaborative.

To wrap up, working at Orkla is an adventure – it is a great company with a range of exciting brands and people. You get to work with real-time challenges, hence the responsibilities and expectations are high. However, this is a chance to both learn and contribute to Orkla, in a safe and inspiring environment 🙂