BI internship: HR in Orkla Foods Norway (OFN).

Hi! I’m Ingvild Sveier Ottemo and for the past eight weeks, I have had an internship in the Human Resources department at Orkla Foods Norway (OFN).

Located at Mastemyr just outside of Oslo, OFN is the biggest business area of Orkla, with more than 1400 employees.  Here, I have assisted the HR managers in their everyday tasks, mostly concerning personnel administration, recruitment and other organizational matters.

To kick start my Orkla experience, I attended a two-day introduction seminar together with other employees who recently started their Orkla career. The seminar gave a great introduction to the value chain of Orkla Foods Norway, and gave a valuable insight into all of the different functions that work together so that you can eat a pizza Grandiosa on a Friday night.

Left: Safety goggles and vest at the factory visit. Right: Introduction seminar for new OFN employees.

I have also been fortunate enough to assist in a recruitment process. Sitting on the other side of the table has been a valuable experience, not mention reassuring for my own future interviews. Note to self: those sitting on the other side of that table interviewing you truly only want to get to know you!

I have also gotten the opportunity to get an inside peek into the production process at Orkla. The interns who works at Orkla this semester got a guided tour at the factory producing products such as Zalo. From an HR perspective, it was really interesting seeing the working conditions in a factory, and how strict the safety procedures were. A big thumbs up from the organizational psychology student on that one!

Having an internship as a part of my master’s degree has been an overall great experience. I have met a lot of people who have challenged me and helped me grow within my academic field. In addition, I have received a lot of trust and freedom to solve the tasks given to me.

BI Internship: Marketing at Orkla House Care (OHC).


We are Solveig and Emil from BI, marketing interns at Orkla House Care. OHC has brands such as Jordan, Anza, Harris, Spekter and Hamilton. These brands are specialized within painting tools and cleaning products. Even though we are both working within marketing, we have different tasks and work with different brands and markets. Emil is working with the Swedish brand Anza and Solveig is working with the Norwegian brand Jordan.

Let’s start with the lady: My name is Solveig and I study MSc in Strategic Marketing Management at BI. Here is how my internship experience is:

When you hear the word “Jordan”, you might think “vet hvordan”. This has been their slogan since 1955. The company has a long history and was established in 1837. However, I first thought that they were only producing toothbrushes and other products within the mouth hygiene category. In other words, I had no experience within painting tools and I was very excited to learn something new about a market I had very little knowledge about. Jordan is known for delivering innovative products known for high quality and user friendliness. I had no clue how important it is with a painting brush with high quality and how many tools you actually need to achieve the perfect result. Jordan has a large assortment and one of their challenges is how Jordan can help their customers to choose the right tools for the job, in order to help the customers succeed.

During my internship I have been included in different projects and meetings, but my main project has been working with a campaign within in-store communication for 2019. Which are store materials with purpose of helping the customers to choose the right tools for the job. First I had to map how the campaign 2018 worked, in order to find out what we can do better for next year. Further, I have contributed with insight and ideas for in-store material for 2019 with help from my supervisor and colleagues. This project is very exciting and I have been able to use and develop both analytical and creative skills. I would like to give a special thanks to my supervisor, Natalie. She has guided me and helped me with this project.


Now, let’s hear what Emil has to say: Well, first of all, I have to thank my mentor, Henrik, and all the other colleagues for a great time at OHC throughout the period. I have been working in OHC’s export division, where my attention has been on the painting tool brand Anza. Anza can be described as Sweden’s Jordan, and is the brand the firm uses for export all around the world.

Here you can see me working hard:

My focus has been on one project for the whole internship period, where I have worked closely together with the project manager. The project started early this year, when the firm decided to develop new products that was tailor made for industry painters. When I started my internship, the goal for the next couple of months was to find target market, develop a business plan and a go-to-market strategy. The final project presentation for the steering committee was due last week, one week before I go back to school, so I also got to experience the finishing touches on the project (and even got to present some of it!).

The internship has been very educational, and a great experience. I have been involved in everything the project requires: from Skype meetings with large Korean and Chinese shipyard owners, interviews with Greek- and Norwegian industry experts, to internal steering committee presentations.

Lastly, we would highly recommend you to apply for an internship at Orkla, as we have had a great time! Our internships will be wrapped up by going to Sweden for a kick-off event later this week.


BI Internship: Marketing & Sustainability at Idun Industri (OFI)

Hi! My name is Mathilde and I am interning at Idun Industri, a part of Orkla Food Ingredients.

Idun is not about the ketchup (which is actually a part of OFN) but are one of Norway’s largest suppliers of bakery ingredients. They supply manly on an industrial B2B level, and their customers are bakeries and producers from all around the country. Idun also have some consumer products sold through supermarkets, like baking yeast, fillings, sprinkles etc., marketed as Idun Mors Hjemmebakte and Odense Marsipan.

Idun is located at Hvam, Skjetten, which is one of the Norwegian production- and distribution sites. One of Idun’s subsidiaries is also located here, as well as the test bakery.

The office & some baked goods (which there is a lot of, due to the test bakery. Apparently, employees put on about 7kg during their first year here).

My supervisor is the Marketing Chief at Idun, but she is also responsible for sustainability and EHS. Therefore, I am lucky to be included in several different projects. Currently we are working on the new sustainability and transformation plan, with targets and initiatives on how Idun will contribute to achieve the overall goals sat by Orkla within 2025. As Idun has five subsidiary companies, who all operates in different fields, this project is quite comprehensive! As a part of this, we have met with internal employees at Idun, the subsidiaries and with colleagues at Orkla ASA, in order to identify where and how we can implement changes in order to reach the targets.

During the last couple of weeks, I have been included in everything from planning exhibitions, making online ads, attending a sustainability seminar and working on the development of the beta version of one our websites.

I am very grateful for how Idun has entrusted and included me in their projects. I have really been enjoying myself and learned so much through this first-hand experience. It has been very insightful to explore and understand the diversity that exists in a company like Orkla together with Idun. I am eager to finish my Masters now and hopefully end up at a place like this!


BI internship: Orkla Marketing & Innovation (OMI)

Hi! I’m Ida Vrangen and this fall I’m doing my internship at Orkla Marketing & Innovation (OMI).

I am working on Orklas content hub: Plusstid is a website containing tips, advice and inspiration for families with children. My assignment is to identify how Plusstid can benefit from the possibilities of e-mail marketing; wherein I will create a strategy for how they should be working on newsletters in 2019.

I am excited to be trying my hand at new tasks and working for a company like Orkla and the talented people at OMI. Although I have not worked with email marketing before, I do have a couple of years of experience in digital marketing and analytics, which is highly relevant in my work here. My supervisor has challenged me to utilize my skill set in different ways, providing a great learning process. Having worked in an agency, I find it very useful to see from a company perspective how Orkla works with digital analysis, giving me a larger perspective on how digital data affect strategic decisions throughout the company.

During the last several weeks I have attended seminars about AI, content marketing, and advanced Google Analytics. I also got to spend a day with Cloud Media, Plusstid’s content agency, receiving input from experts on different fields of digital marketing. I have also been in contact with other departments within Orkla, learning about their approach to digital marketing and newsletters. The other interns and I were also taken on a tour of a factory that produces products like Zalo and OMO, giving us valuable insight into the production process.

It is both fun and rewarding to be interning at Orkla as a part of my master’s degree, and I am glad to have gotten this opportunity.


BI internship: Finance and Marketing in Orkla Confectionery and Snacks (OCSN)

Hello everyone! We are Marie and Henrik and we are BI interns at Orkla Confectionary and snacks (OCSN). Henrik is majoring in Business Finance while Marie majoring in Strategic Marketing Management. Since we are studying different subjects, we work in different departments. In other words, in this blogpost you will get to know how it is to work as an intern at OCSN from two different perspectives. Let`s start with Henrik.


I am situated in the corporate finance department of OCSN. My tasks vary greatly, but most of the work is related to business controlling. This means that I am helping out with everything from providing relevant numbers for the CFO to creating Excel models for other departments. Although I really enjoy numbers and working with spreadsheets, it is sometimes nice that the work is so much more than that! The first week I was lucky enough to be included in a product launch meeting (looking forward to seeing those products in stores), and there are several non-work related activities around within the company, such as in-office light strength training and a running group. I really feel like I am contributing to the department and the company, and that the tasks given to me has value in the big picture. Over to Marie!


I have been allowed to be a part of the marketing team at OCSN, where my work is mainly focused on chocolate tablets. My supervisor has entrusted me with my own project this internship period, where I gather insight and conduct my own consumer research. Also, through smaller projects I have been challenged to be creative and come up with new solutions for in-store promotions, packaging and campaigns (exited to see if any of my ideas will be used in the future). I feel very included by the marketing team at OCSN, as I have been allowed to attend meetings, workshops and small coffee breaks in the social area. In short, my weeks here at Orkla has really gotten me exited for the future, and I am looking forward to working full time as a marketer when I am done with my degree.


All in all we have had a great experience so far. The work has been challenging, yet rewarding. Rethinking how things are done compared to studying and getting to know all the systems and routines almost seemed overwhelming at first. Luckily we have supervisors who follow up closely, and the work is facilitated such that it matches our capability. We feel welcomed into the work environment and it certainly does not hurt that we have access to free candy and snacks!

BI internship: HR in Orkla Home & Personal Care (OHPC)

Hi bloggers!

We are two master students from BI working in Orkla Home & Personal Care (OHPC) within the HR function. Our names are Angelica and Anniken, and we are studying leadership and organizational psychology and leadership and change on our last year.  Half way through our internship program we have gained new experiences and knowledge that we could not have obtained in school.

The past three weeks has not only been about learning about the huge product portfolio that OHPC have for making ourselves, our clothes and our homes clean – we have also had the opportunity to look into the harmonization of products, strategic meetings, onboarding program, recruitment movie project, wage settlements, GDPR, and more. No day has been the same, and this has definitively not been a typical “coffee run” internship.

The first week started off with an introduction day, with a scavenger hunt to learn where everything is located. Very helpful, since the office is like a maze. Still after three weeks we are still learning where everything is! During the first and second week we had introduction meetings with the different managers here at OHPC to gain insight about how and what the different divisions work with. During these meetings we realized the complexity of Orkla as a company. Orkla operates with the whole value chain, making them a unique company with a wide range of expertise.

A&AWe are grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to the next five weeks, especially beer/prosecco and pizza night in October!




Summer Internship – Group HR, Orkla ASA

Group HR is finally in the house!

Who knew that cheez doodles could be of such great size? I bet you would want one of those.

This summer has not just been about face planting into snacks, but also getting to know Orkla as a whole. From visiting different factories to having Skype meetings with managers all over the world – no day has been alike!

We are three interns working in Orkla ASA, within the Group HR function. This means that we work with HR projects that impact the entire Orkla Group on a global level. Our names are Nichole, Sigrid and Guro, and here you can see us in the office:

cheez doodle

SDFEDFEWe were given a number of projects connected to Orkla`s long term strategy to be “One Orkla”. Being able to work with real life tasks and be part of the transformation to become a more unified Orkla has been both motivating and engaging for us. Being three interns working together has also made the process fun because it has given us the chance to have reflective and creative discussions that have lead us to good solutions for each of the projects.


Our main project has been to map how the onboarding and offboarding processes has been executed and run at all of Orkla`s offices around the world. The goal with the mapping project was to create a universal process and set of guidelines that can be used by all Orkla offices around the globe which in turn will create a more unified Orkla. This has given us the opportunity to have Skype meetings with HR-directors and managers across different areas including India, Scandinavia, Baltics, and Romania to mention a few. Did you know that they have Seigmenn in India and they are made vegetarian? They call it “Stretchy man”, which kind of makes sense.

Another project that we have been working on is to come up with a strategy plan for how to launch an Orkla app for blue collar employees. We did lots of research and analysis to present our business plan and suggestions for further implementation. It has been a interdisciplinary collaboration that has been both exciting and educational.

Despite being busy working with different projects, we found time to visit the Sunda factory that produces yummy products like Nugatti, Sjokade and Banos, and also the Råbekken factory where Stabburet produce their meat products. We have to say that we enjoyed “Nugattifabrikken” over Stabburet.

blogg post sif smasHaving fun is not hard when you have an Orkla access card!

The summer is sadly coming to an end, and these past eight weeks have just flown by.  Being a summer intern at Orkla has been an exciting, fun and eventful journey, and we are all leaving the office with new knowledge, good memories, and hopefully a bag of Smash (Kate, we sure hope you read this post!). Not only have we had the opportunity to work on real life projects, but we have also created new professional networks and friendships that we will appreciate beyond the duration of this internship. It is safe to say that all of us summer interns have become a little family of our own!

fellesbilde bloggThe Summer Interns and some of our managers

This was the last blog post from the Summer Interns, but the students from the BI internship program will keep the blog updated over the next two months. The pressure is on, BI! Keep it up!

Finally, here is a sneak peek of our last project this summer – have a look!

Do you want to be a part of this awesome adventure? #LifeatOrkla

We highly recommend you to apply for the Orkla Summer Academy 2019! The internship positions will be posted on the 6th of September: